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The Eagle's Nest

"Aquila the Eagle"

Echoes From The Past (Part IV)
(A Ghost Story)

I shook my head in wonder,and headed for the back of the Pioneertown Palace, in the direction that the sounds seemed to have come from. Looking through the windows, I saw that it was an open air, Spanish style, courtyard cantina, but walled in completely, almost like a fortress.

As I turned the corner of the building, I caught the aroma of an outdoor barbeque and again the sounds of music and people having a good time. The smell made me realize that all I had all day was a cup of coffee and three cans of soda, three and a half, if you count the one that was in the phone booth.
I was hungry, and I thought to my self "At least maybe I can get something to eat and drink and then inquire about getting the flat fixed".

But each time I passed one of the many windows in the wall, and looked in to try to get a better look at the interior, the sounds stopped, although the smell of the barbeque lingered on. All I could hear was the wind.
I reached one very large opening in the wall and finally got an unobstructed view of the interior. There was nothing going on in this cantina, In fact, it looked like it had been a long, long time since anyone had been in it. The opposite wall was evidently the back entrance to the "Palace" and had an old beat-up sign that said "Under the Moon Saloon"

The rest of the interior was as beat up and decrepit as the saloon sign. Dilapidated benches and tables and a roof that was no longer a roof. Just the support beams. It was obvious that this part of the "Palace" had not seen any use in a very long time. But I had heard the sounds and smelled the aroma of the barbeque and this was the kind of place that would have been used for just that purpose. Or was the laughter and the music only echos from the past?

I could still smell the cooking meat, although the sounds of revelry had stilled completely, and I decided to find the source of the mystery barbeque. As I turned the corner of the next building, I saw the whole town laid out before me.
There were buildings of every description, a gunsmith, a saloon, the infamous Red Dog Saloon, another saloon, this one called The Likker Barn
At the end of one street was the hulk of an old covered wagon

In another part of town were several buildings that must have been houses, although it appeared that nobody had lived in them for ages. Rickety structures that looked like a good strong wind, the kind that blew constantly through Pioneertown, would topple to the ground.
At one house that looked better cared for than the others, the barbeque smell was more noticeable. The door was slightly ajar and I thought I heard the sounds of children giggling behind it.
"Hello", I said, as I knocked on the partially open door. "Anybody home?"
At that, the giggling stopped. I pushed the door still further open, continuing to call. As the door of the house swung back I saw that it was completely empty. But the aroma permeated the entire building.

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